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It's Better than Cancer


Saturday, May 11, 2002

Does anybody know just how strange this is? Now, I have the power to have random(drunk, likely) people happen upon my useless words of wit and wisdom. It's like talking with me, but without my trying to catch a peek at your cleavage. I have been a card carrying member of the internet community for almost ten years now. The internet has seen me start pubirty, get laid, graaduate high school, get really drunk at college, and now, stuck in a low level bank job in the middle of Hell. The internet has seen me win 4 straight Hockey League Championships, gain more weight than I ever care to admit, and become addicted to nicotine. Ohhh, look how far we have come, internet. Porn, still everywhere, easier to get than ever. Things sure load faster with an Internet Explorer Version 6 than they did with Mosiac, but wouldn't you know it, my computer sure does crash more often. Which brings me to my first point, on the the first post, for you, the sad, drunk random person: Life is merely a process of equal rewards and punishments, wininng and losing, forever remaining at .500. For everything gained, something, somewhere, is lost.

Not sure what I am going to do with this yet, everyone else has one and I don't really knwo what I can do to make it more interesting than some teenage girl talking about her thong problems. I will try, but as Yoda sorta said, that is why I will fail.